Project Reef

This project aims to produce a massive crowd-sourced artificial coral reef that will surmount the habitual approaches that are detrimental to the environment.


Crowd-sourcing parts allows us to implement an artificial reef that would cost thousands for a fraction of the price.


PLA material is a bio-friendly alternative to the harmful substances that are submerged into the ocean from common artificial reefs.


Hope3D has designed an artifical reef that enables easy implementation, versatile application, and produces great results.
Parts Printed 100%

Project Reef #1 Is Done! Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible.


Our massive artifical reef will initially start with 400 indivdual segments! 

3ft x 3ft x 3ft

The ideal size for any artificial coral reef. These dimensions attribute to our efficient model!

Print on any machine

Every part is 4in in length or less. This allows for a comfortable print on nearly every home consumer 3D printers

Target Location

Our first reef will be submerged in the waters of Belize at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve!

Project Reef plans to continue. Let us know if you have an area that would implement Project Reef!